GRACE HURLEY Art Direction & Graphic Design
Art Direction & Graphic Design
Client: Grace Hurley
Role: Graphic Designer
Personal, Digital, Print
An ongoing and evolving identity for The identity was born under the name X-treme Graphic Design. The concept disguised a body of personal work as a business providing graphic design services. The identity existed as a website and extended to magnetic business cards that were inspired by ordinary services, i.e. plumbing. The website (previously found at featured on Brutalist Websites︎︎︎.
        The second iteration of pursued a brutalist aesthetic in a more refined way. The identity existed as a website and extended to scratch business cards.
        The third iteration of is active (welcome to its current form) and, for the time being, only exists as a website that showcases a personal body of work. The identity champions the image and aims to balance function and form more equally, with a higher consideration of user experience.