GRACE HURLEY Graphic Design & Art Direction
Graphic Design & Art Direction
Role: Art Director, alongside Copywriter, Texas Williams, Ethical Mischief 
Client, Social
Texas and I were given a brief from The Greens politcal party while volunteering as an Art Director & Copywriter team at Ethical Mischief. 
        Challenge: To fully mobilise the federal campaign and to win the seat of Macnamara, The Greens needed to raise one million dollars.

Insight: We live in a world where saying something politically incorrect is like a social death sentence. We have all found ourselves in a conversation that has turned political and had an “oh shit” moment where we realise our views are politically incorrect. Literally.

Idea: The Greens Most Politically Correct Campaign Ever
We produce social content that harnesses humour and the power of song.
        We answer people’s political questions; ones they should already know, but are either too afraid to ask or don’t want to read a textbook to find out. Questions like, what is left vs right wing? What is an independent? Who is Scott Morrison?
        We, literally, give accurate and correct information in the pursuit of helping the audience avoid social embarrassment and political incorrecto momento’s. The Greens will position themselves as the trustworthy and reliable resource for political information, free from commercial influence and available to all.

Using comedians and influencers aligned with The Greens, the videos act like educational busking through social media. All videos direct the audience to a website, where they can make a one off donation to The Greens or pay for a subscription that offers them access to exclusive content on the website.

This TikTok clip is an example of how the campagin could work, answering the question, ‘What does democracy mean?’. Original music and lyrics.