GRACE HURLEY Art Direction & Graphic Design
Art Direction & Graphic Design
Clients: Puma Hoops & J.Cole
Role: Graphic Designer
Collaborators: Stefan Knecht, Alex Junquera & David Kramer, Designers & Dreamville
Team: Nowadays NYC (team of five)
Client, Digital, Photography, Print, Social
Puma signed a multi-year footwear and apparel partnership with Grammy-winning artist J.Cole.
        Although J.Cole is known for his music, he had early affiliations with basketball as a walk-on player for a Division I Men’s Basketball team, St. John’s University, in New York, before he ultimately decided to pursue his music career.
        The partnership is well aligned, as J.Cole sits at the intersection of basketball, fashion and music culture, and represents everything that Puma stands for as a brand. This partnership culminated in product and advertising material, by way of film, photographs and posters, designed and developed by the team at Nowadays.

Puma and J.Cole officially announced their partnership with a short film titled The Dreamer. The theme of the film speaks to never abandoning one’s dream, despite the obstacles faced or time passed. The film was a collaborative effort between Puma and J.Cole's own production company, Dreamville.

Following the announcement of Puma and J.Cole's partnership, Puma released J.Cole's first signature basketball sneaker, the RS-Dreamer.

Puma and J.Cole released an ad that hinted at J.Cole wanting to try out for the NBA. The ad is narrated by Master P, who as a rapper made the switch to a basketball career, playing in the NBA for the Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors. Fans came to the conclusion that J.Cole wanted to try out for the NBA before the thirty-five-year-old rapper later confirmed he was training hard in an attempt to launch an NBA career.