GRACE HURLEY Art Direction & Graphic Design
Art Direction & Graphic Design
Role: Art Director, alongside Copywriter Dean Shein, Wunderman Thompson
Client, Campaign, Social
Brief: Get Americans to put mayo on the outside of those 2.1 billion sizzling grilled cheese sandwiches they make and consume at home.

Context: In the USA, there are currently 23 states where weed is legal for recreational use. 53 million people use weed in the USA.

Insight: When it comes to the munchies, weed users care about two things. Taste and texture. That’s why they consider a grilled cheese toastie to be the holy grail. It’s crispy, bready, cheesy, and can be made with just a few ingredients. And to ensure golden and textural toastiness, the exterior of a toastie should be slicked with Hellmann’s mayo. So when it meets the pan, the magic of crunchy textural delight truly begins.

Idea: The Extra Texture
We’ll show weed users that adding Hellmann’s mayo to the outside of their cheese toastie will create an extra layer of tasty texture.

We’ll kick off the campaign on the 20th of April, also known as 420 day, with the launch of pop-up restaurant, ‘Hellmann’s Toastie Joint’. It will instantly be made available on Uber Eats. For 1 month, at 4:20pm, a time when weed users tend to light up, a selection of toasties will become available to order. They’ll all, of course, be spread on the outside with Hellmann’s mayo, creating #TheExtraTexture. Weed users can satisfy their cravings instantly with home delivered toasties, perfectly timed for when the munchies hit.

We’ll partner with popular TikTok influencers within the online weed community, like chefs @dope_kitchen and @h2chef2. They’ll film themselves making #TheExtraTexture to show everyone how easy it is to elevate a cheese toastie with Hellmann’s. Even when high. Viewers will be encouraged to share content of their tastier cheese toasties, thanks to the #TheExtraTexture made possible by Hellmann’s.

#TheExtraTexture would introduce a younger audience to Hellmann’s iconic mayonnaise in a way that would certainly generate headlines.