GRACE HURLEY Art Direction & Graphic Design
Art Direction & Graphic Design
Role: Graphic Designer
Lecturer: Adam Cruickshank
Institution: Monash University, BDes(CommDes)
Student, Print
A collection of twelve postcards. Homes were randomly selected from Google Street View and sent to addresses to elicit a response. This exercise in fabricating unsolicited greeting cards and sending them to strangers across the world aims to challenge privacy standards and the form of the ubiquitous postcard. A returned postcard from Japan has since been received.
        Historically, postcards have not changed dramatically and they do not rely on cultural affectations. The same format can be used no matter the final destination, but the sender is free to personalise the message. This project will elicit various reactions; disinterest, curiosity or scepticism. The message on the postcard is purposefully banal and safe. This innocuous message avoids misinterpretation and aims to be pleasant and makes for polite small talk. Due to their nature, there is no privacy on the postcard. The handwritten message on a postcard is intimate, yet can be read by anyone while it makes its transition from sender to receiver. Sometimes it takes days or weeks to receive a postcard but the immediacy of the message is not important.